Where are we located?

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K-erberus Worldwide Headquarters: 10 South 3rd Street, 3rd floor,

San Jose, CA 95113

10156 NW 41 ST

Miami, FL 33178.

Phone: (1) 408 351 3328


Cra. 43 # 24A 45 Quinta Paredes, Bogota D.C.

PBX (57 - 1) 244 0133


Web Page: www.k-erberus.com

E-Mail: info@k-erberus.com

Why are we different?

K-ERBERUS is a new advertising channel which through mobile applications (smartphones and tablets), focus the customer on the corporate image of your brand or product, and encourage the use of that mark remembrance, it builds loyalty to customers, and allows generating specific campaigns and allows a quick and simple collection of relevant customer information, such as location, essential data, likes and needs.


The business opportunity focuses on taking advantage of the companies needs and enhance their digital marketing strategies and "marketing mix", using this application on several subjects to download massive custom portals with emphasis on mobile devices (apps) containing advertising and which are aimed at a target audience, obtaining benefits in terms of data collection and customer loyalty and brand recall.

Our Organization


Provide to mobile users innovative applications that add value to their daily work. Become an instrument of corporate digital marketing strategies making available innovative mobile apps and great insight into the specialized audience


In 2015 we will generate 500,000 monthly downloads of our applications.

Our Values

The EBS System Solutions Corp Values are:

1. Knowledge

2. Innovation

3. Service

4. Quality

5. Commitment

6. Respect